What are the benefits of the Plan?

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When you invest in a Single Premium Plan, you will be able to earn an annual Regular Bonus, which once declared is guaranteed. The bonuses are compounded to your investment. However, you have the option to withdraw them as an annual income without incurring any charges.

Death Benefit - 101% of the Initial Single Contribution and any Top Up Contributions or 101% of the Policy Account (whichever is the higher) if the Person Covered is 70 years old or younger at the time of death or 100% of the Initial Single Contribution and any Top Up Contributions or 100% of the Policy Account (whichever is the higher) if the Person Covered is 71 or over at the time of death. 

Funeral Expenses Benefit - The option to receive part of the death Benefit immediately to cover funeral expenses, up to a maximum of €2,500.

• A low to medium risk investment which offers potential for growth whilst protecting your savings from short term volatility. 
• We use the return we get on these assets to set the bonuses for your investment. 
• Your investment grows in line with annual regular bonuses which we declare. Once declared these bonuses are guaranteed. 
• We guarantee at maturity to repay the original amount invested after charges, plus any bonuses, less any withdrawals you may have already made. The guarantee also applies if you die before the end of the plan. 
• As a result of smoothing, the investment risk of a With Profits investment is significantly lower than direct investment in a single asset class.

The Plan also included benefits offered free of charge:

What is the MAPFRE MSV With-Profits Fund?

Investment should be based on the full details contained in the relative Key Features Document, Key Information Document and the Policy Document, available from our website www.msvlife.com or by contacting us on info@msvlife.com or calling 80072220

If you cash in your plan before the date of maturity, you may not get back as much as you invested. What you might get back will depend on the investment performance and the bonuses we might add. The rate of future bonuses is not guaranteed and may change over the years.

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is based on current Tax legislation which may change in the future.


1% additional allocation to your investment 

No entry fees 

Minimum Contribution € 10,000 

Term 15 years 

Partial Withdrawals of Capital 
Minimum €500 subject to minimum of € 10,000 retained in the policy account. 

Charges may apply. 

Withdrawal of annual regular bonus from 1st year 

Tax Efficient